• Mon, Jan 2, 2017

    So you get an idea, and it’s an amazing one. You’re inspired to start working on it right away…. But what if someone has already made this? Does this mean your idea is dead?

    And so you rush to the interwebs, and prepare to search…. But wait!

    Until you’ve made the search to determine originality of your idea, it is simultaneously both dead and alive.


  • Thu, Dec 8, 2016

    Today I was testing how a SaaS that we use for search handles failover. I clobbered our DNS to make our app use their secondary endpoint. The module in our app handled this very well, and switched over seamlessly.

    But then a thoughts crossed my mind: did this affect the Ops folks on the other end? Did someone see a blip on the charts, and ask the person next to them:

    hey dude, are you seeing weird traffic on node B13? dafuq is that?…

    Or… was it simply missed? unnoticed, lost in the shuffle - because let’s face it: ain’t nobody got time for this.

    I guess the former would be nice, because that would mean those packets of mine were just a little more special than the rest of the internet noise.

    Yet I do hope for the latter…

    Because Karma.

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